Maternity – a perfect time to get back into shape? 

Right before I get going I must admit the title may be slightly misleading as I have spent the majority of my maternity leave filling my face with cake!! This was my problem. I love to eat. 

One particular day I went to see my friend before I needed to pop to a local shopping park to return some clothing. My friend decided to come along with me and on arrival I remembered I’d been sent a voucher for buy one get one free main meals at Prezzo. We, of course, thought it would be rude not to! 

Fast forward two hours as I’m driving to get my girl from school feeling sick from the garlic bread, carbonara with extra chicken and mega chunk of tiramisu I’d just devoured for my lunch! I felt like a greedy pig. I had felt like I was putting weight on but that day I’d hit my limit.

I kept telling myself that I needed to eat all these extra calories while I was breastfeeding. I think I ate my body weight in cake from the day my boy was born! As I drove home from picking up my girl I saw a big sign advertising Slimming World and knew it was now or never so that night I went to my very first weigh in. 

For the last seven weeks I have also been completing the couch to 5k training plan. You go out for the training sessions for only half an hour a time. The programme really eases you into being active again and was perfect for me. I downloaded the app to my I-phone which guides you through your session as if you have a trainer with you. I picked Michael Johnson but there are a few options for who you want.

I had attempted a workout DVD about 12 weeks after my baby was born and I found it made me so tired I slept so heavily I struggled to wake for the night feed. But with the mix of walking and jogging I found the couch to 5k didn’t affect me too much. 

Now I’m just over 2 weeks from completing the training schedule the runs are getting longer with less walking but my boy is waking less in the night. Be nice if it was not at all but no chance of that yet!! But building it up slowly has given my body the chance to adapt.

While I was out doing my runs it got me thinking it is a perfect time while I am off to get fit. It gives you that half an hour to yourself three times a week. I love my children but especially when I have them both on my own it can be mentally taxing. So being in my own head space for that little bit of time is fantastic. 

My husband has even commented that I seem to be less stressed and that was after a day with my munchkins at home! As most of you know I will be going back to work in just over a fortnight and I wanted to try and get back into shape before I go back and I’m definitely on my way. 

I have so far lost 10lb on my Slimming World journey. I will admit I had a bit of a blip last weekend at a kids party when I ended up having a plate of party food!! But I’m pleased with my results and it allows me to breastfeed and know that I’m getting enough of what we both need without the good old adage of oh I can eat what ever I want because I’m breastfeeding! And did I mention I can even have a fry up! 

Being at home means I can organise what I eat to meet my Slimming World guidelines. But I can also still go for a coffee with my friends if I want to. Maybe without the cake now! I’ve got all the family eating better with lots of fruit and veg in the house it’s encouraging everyone to have their five a day! 

But I still have a chocolate digestive in the evening with my brew after the small people are in bed! My friend has a Freddo for her treat and I know one of the ladies in work has a Fudge so it’s completely up to people how they choose their treat. Which works really well for me! 

So there you go having time in the day to eat better, gaining half an hour three times a week to yourself and feeling better physically and mentally. What better way to spend maternity leave? 

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19 thoughts on “Maternity – a perfect time to get back into shape? 

  1. Ah, well done you, that’s a great achievement and you’re right, a healthier lifestyle and attitude pays dividends to your sanity! Sounds like you’ve got the balance just right too between not denying yourself, but seeing the benefits of the steps you’ve chosen to make. #ABloggingGoodTime


  2. Wow good for you hon! I agree, sometimes all you need is half a day to get back a track..although sometimes that does seem a bit elusive…a remember exercising a lot more when my little was a bubba…less so now she is a threenager! Keep up the good work and thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub xx

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  3. Sounds like you are doing really well. Great job on staying focussed and motivated! I had always been a routine exerciser pre-pregnancy. I got into a reasonable routine once my LO was about 4 / 5 months old but since going back to work 3 days / week I have really let it slip. You’ve motivated me to get back to top of that… #CoolMumClub

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  4. Well done on your weight loss! My little guy is 5 months old and I’ve been really lucky that the weight dropped off within weeks (despite my weight in cake also – thank you breastfeeding!) but I still felt/feel different body shape wise. I’ve been going to kettlebells since he was 8 weeks old and this week I plan to go to a new Mummyfit class….. and start 30 day shred. Exercise is something I was never really into before but I’ve started to get the bug a bit and feel much better about my self (bonus that it might sort out the fact I’m incredibly untoned!) Great post #fortheloveofBLOG

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    1. Aww thanks!! Ohh kettlebells sounds fun! I’m rubbish with classes so I find running helps just being able to go adhoc. I do need to tone now though! Good luck with 30 day shred that’s what I’d tried when baba was small and it knocked me for six, really need to give it another go now he is bigger! Our boys must be close in age?? xx


  5. It’s my first time here so hellooooooooo! Well done, Emma! I admire your motivation and determination. I wish I could run! I think I bounce up and down more than I move forward 😉 Brilliant weight loss as well, and as you say you are still making sure you are eating properly. #Fortheloveofblog

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  6. I have always dreamed of being a runner, and my goal is to start in the new year. That will give me time to recover from my C-section. I will have to try out that app if it is available in Canada, if not I will look for something similar. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  7. I have had to unsubscribe from the Prezzo e-mails as the daily discount codes & vouchers where too tempting. I was always a keen runner before kids and have just taken it back up and fell in love with it all over again. My youngest is 11 months now and i still have a very round mummy tummy but i know a bit more running and a bit less scoffing and i will be back in shape in no time .#fortheloveofBLOG

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  8. ahh well done that is fab! I aim to go back to body combat – haven’t been for three years since I had little man but I really want to get back in to exercise 🙂 #fortheloveofBLOG

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  9. What a great post. I also assumed I could do a yoga at home routine each day on maternity! Nope. It never happened. I found that I had to go to classes to do proper exercise but at least I met some lovely mums nearby. Now I’m back at work I’m still reminding myself about doing a home yoga routine. Maybe I should try running like you, even if it’s 20 minutes around the block! Inspiring post thank you x

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  10. I love this post! Because I couldn’t agree more – maternity leave is the perfect time to get back into shape. This was my time for beginning with Yoga and my home workouts too. I’m sure your post will encourage more mummies to try being active. 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

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    1. Oh I do hope so! I found the idea of going back to work so motivating I’d got into a rut with eating and needed to do something about it. Once you take control it becomes much simpler! Thank you for stopping by x

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