Blogmas day 13 – Secret Santa

This week is my last week in work so we are in Secret Santa, works Christmas dinner/buffet/cakes territory! I love anything festive so I’m usual involved in the planning somewhere or other! 

As part of the HR team we like to do a Secret Santa and this year I pulled the new (5 weeks in) head of HR! I had to think long and hard about what to buy and in the end (after all that thinking) I ended up in WHSmith the night before present giving (classic Porter). 

And do you know what I’m quite glad I went in because I found some fantastic books that not only the HR people amongst us would enjoy. I loved reading when I was younger particularly Enid Blyton so these caught my eye..

£7.99 WHSmith (I have now found it for £2.99 on 

How funny that they have recreated an old classic into an adult version! 

I also found this little beauty, a new take on a Mills & Boon number. I wanted to be a little bit funny, you know show the new head of we have a sense of humour! 

WHSmith £6.99 (also on for the cheaper price of £3.49)

Clearly if I had planned these items I could have got more with my alloyed £10 budget but they were but one get the other half price in Smiths! 

One of the other girls also got this one which I thought was good they have sorts of topics as well including dad, husband, wife etc good for a laugh on Christmas Day! 



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