Blogmas day 11 – A family of Christmas jumpers! 

Ok so it isn’t actually national Christmas jumper day but it won’t be long! I love Christmas jumper day at work it makes it feel like everyone is getting in the mood and it is usually around the time I break up for Christmas! 

This year Cordy has a Christmas jumper week at school so she has needed a new jumper for that so we will start with her. I got this one from Mothercare and it came in at a reasonable £12. We have a few festive events to attend so she will very much be getting its money’s worth. 

Girls Christmas jumper, Mothercare £12

For the boy I went with a Next number, I received an email a few weeks ago and fell in love with this one.

Baby boy’s Christmas jumper, Next £12

The poor hubby is stuck with last year’s jumper but being a big blue I’m sure he doesn’t mind too much! It was actually bought for me to wear to work last year as I was sporting a rather large bump but I was too poorly to make it in for the day! 

Man’s Christmas jumper, Everton FC £30

And last but not least mum, I wanted something that wasn’t too garish and had a fair isle type pattern. When I was in work I got this picture from my hubby to say he had found this in Aldi!!! What a beauty.

Ladies Christmas jumper, Aldi 


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