Blogmas day 5 – Frozen on ice

We have had our Frozen on Ice tickets since May and I’ve been so excited since we booked it!! The day presale opened was actually my little girls birthday so I think I was feeling extra extravagant that day when me and my friend booked four tickets in the second row haha! 

And boy I’m glad we did, even if they weren’t cheap! The show was fantastic. They stick true to the story as it is in the movie so I’m sure I don’t need to tell you all the details. 

What I was a little surprised about was the addition of some other Disney characters before the main part of the show. There was Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, a range of Disney princesses and the Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Lion King characters. 

I just assumed it would only be Frozen characters we would see so that was wonderful, particularly when Cordy got to see her beloved Aeriel. The show made us feel like we were getting right into the festive mood, we got the train over to Liverpool where we we had tickets for the Echo arena and the girls got dressed in their Elsa and Ana dresses.

The girls are both three and I felt the show was perfect for them at this age. There was an intermission so we could make a loo stop halfway through. I did spot some younger looking little people who didn’t seem to keep their attention so I’d say 3 is probably the youngest I would recommend! 

We have tickets booked for Princesses on Ice next year and now I can’t wait!! 


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