My name is Emma. I have always had a love for writing. As a child I would love to write stories, pretend to make magazines and write little books. Life didn’t really take me down that path and I headed for a profession in Human Resources. Ok so not quite the writer anymore. But here I am and I think I will give it a try. For the last 12 months I have dabbled in writing about something I love, Football. As Footymadgirl I have had the opportunity to write in programmes for my local side Chester FC, supported two Facebook pages for the National League and Everton fan page 1878. But now I am turning to my other love, really my greatest love, my family.

Since the day I arrived on the planet, a Wednesday in 1986, it has been at times a tale of woe. I have attempted a couple of times to write my memoirs but never really been brave enough to open my world up that much and bare my soul. As I get older there seem to be more challenges that come my way which if I had been brave enough to write my story I would need to keep adding more and more! But I have been inspired, I see other people in the blogging world baring their soul and I think that this can be the way to do it. I have always thought people would like to read my story so let’s see. I will try to give an insight into my world, an honest one hopefully and possibly if I am feeling really brave a view to my past! So you can all see the real me and why the Power was created.