Blogmas – a collaboration 

I’ve not managed to blog very much since going back to work from maternity in August but I saw a post about Blogmas and being a lover of all things Christmas I thought why not! 

My wonderful buddy (Here)also happens to be a blogger (a much better one than I am I may add!) so we thought as we are both busy mummies to two small people why not do it as a collaboration! 

So we are going to each bring you a day of Blogmas taking it in turns to talk all things Christmas whilst also keeping each other updated on what festivities we have going on (being we live miles away from each other) with our little families. If you are lucky you may get one with both of us in it!

Being Blogmas newbies we haven’t really come up with a fixed list because where is the fun in that? So we will bring you a new Christmas related item to chat about every day and hope you enjoy joining us for the ride! 

Emma & Hayley x


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