The Tiger Who Came to Tea a 2016 version

So you may or may not have noticed I have been fairly quiet in recent months on the old blogging front! I went back to work a few months ago and I will be honest it’s all consumed my life. Don’t get me wrong I want it to, to an extent, I love work but I do miss writing my blog posts! 

I need to design an app that can read what I’m thinking and types the blog post up for me while I’m on the go, oh and then publishes and shares it on my social media platforms. Well my Twitter and Instagram anyway! I’m constantly thinking of what I want to say but writing it down is a challenge on time! 

As is being mum! I will admit turning 30 last month has also taken up a lot of my social calendar but I just don’t find I have much time to do mum things I feel I should be doing. One of those things tends to be storytime but in the past week I have managed to do it twice which has been lovely! As you can guess from the title one of our household favourites is The Tiger Who Came to Tea, we read it every night and we have done probably for about 2 years now! 

Since I can remember Cordelia has loved us changing the main character (for those of you who haven’t read it) Sophie’s name to Cordy. Sometimes she throws her friends names in for good measure as well but we never read it as it should be! Just this week it got me thinking though in our house we should really change the setup of the family situation as well, so I did! Much to Cordelia’s annoyance the first time. 

What I mean is, when I went back to work in August my husband became the house husband. The initial plan was that he would share my leave as he had done with our daughter but the the offer of voluntary redundancy came up at work and he took the (very brave) decision to go for it! 

If you haven’t read the story it is an old school setup in Sophie’s house (it was published in the 1960s) and it would seem Sophie is at home with her mum having tea in the kitchen together. A Tiger turns up at the door, who they let in, I might add young Sophie answers the door too which in my opinion feels a little 1960s and they let him in to join in the tea. Once the Tiger has eaten the family out of house and home he leaves. Then Dad arrives home from work. And this is what made me think our story is a little different.

In our house it would be Dad at home having tea in the kitchen. In our house it would be Mummy who had her keys (again sorry if you haven’t read the book but buy it and you will get me). In our house it’s Mummy who comes home from work. It would be Mummy’s dinner cooking in the saucepans. In our house it would be Mummy suggesting we go out for tea. And in our house it would be Daddy going shopping the next day with Sophie to restock. 

So that’s what I read. I did as we always do and replaced Sophie with Cordy. But I also replaced Mummy with Daddy and Daddy with Mummy. Interestingly the first time I did it my girl was not best pleased, but tonight she got on board and asked for it that way! 

She now understands that I was reading it just how our family is setup. She knows Mummy goes to work and Daddy stays at home. And I think she likes it that way! Our 2016 version of her book and 2016 version of a family setup! 

A Mum Track Mind

3 thoughts on “The Tiger Who Came to Tea a 2016 version

  1. Keep on doing what you are doing and write that down or print out all your blogs and there you will have the start of your story,I woild think that would then carry on and who knows.


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