Missing you – a Powerporter poem

I carry this pain, deep down inside,
That day to day, I try to hide
I’d love to be able, to keep in touch
Call and see, if he’s been up to much

What he is doing, with his day
Or call him up, or text to say
It’s sunny here, what’s it like with you
Make idle chat, for an hour or two

Just a minute, would be enough
But the signals rubbish, they’ve got it tough
They really should, install a phone
Some way to reach them, when you are all alone

I’m sure I’m not, the only one
To wish that something, could be done
So you can reach them, once in a while
Just get your phone, and sit and dial

Dial the number, in your head
To say the things, that were left unsaid
Say I miss you, I love you so
I really wish, you didn’t have to go

That fateful day, way back when
Our lives were good, until then
You were taken from us, my Grandad dear
On August 12th, I say with fear

The date I’ve imprinted, on my heart
Even after 18 years, it doesn’t start
To get rid of the pain, from when you went
A letter each day, I could’ve sent

But no address, no where to send
The words I write, the things I’ve penned
Poems, prayers, you hear them all
I know you do, I don’t need to call

I know your with me, everyday
But it doesn’t stop me, wanting to say
A thing or two, and hear your voice
Advise me, laugh or give me a choice

An opinion, to decide upon
Tell me how you think, I have got on
Becoming a mum, a wife, my job
Tell me your proud, I’m starting to sob

I still cry the tears, I did that day
When my Aunty told me, you’d been taken away
Life changed without, you being there
I stopped wanting to live, or even to care

Things are better now, but I want you to know
Your always here, I can’t let go
Of the man I adored, My Grandad (my dad)
My boy carries your name, my beautiful lad

So I will look at him, and think of you
Hope he grows to be, as kind and true
True to yourself, to the very end
A fine man my Grandad, my rock, my friend

The Pramshed

9 thoughts on “Missing you – a Powerporter poem

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, I find I still talk to my Grandad a lot if anyone heard me they would think I was mad but in fact it’s what keeps me sane! Thank you for stopping by x


  1. Really moving and emotional, a beautiful poem, I miss my grandparents still who passed away 30 years ago, it still remember their hugs when I was ten years old. Seeing them in our children is such a comfort and a special thing. Thanks for posting #fortheloveofBLOG

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aw what a beautiful poem. I lost my Granddad 12 years ago and I wish I could go back and ask him all those questions you just don’t think about when you are younger. #fortheloveofblog

    Liked by 1 person

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