Toddler struggles -a Powerporter poem

Today has been a tricky one with my eldest. My daughter Cordelia. For anyone that has read my blog before you will have already come across this little character. For those that haven’t I wrote a little poem about her!

This was after a walk to her Nanna’s house that took the longest time it’s ever taken me to get there! As you can see she decided when we stopped!

My daughter, she’s a funny one,
Head strong, witty, the list goes on, Determined, confident, funny, wild,
But I can’t deny, that she’s my child,

She is me, to an absolute tee,
Witty, smart, and quite cheeky,
We clash our heads, nearly everyday,
But there is just one thing, I’d like to say,

I’m sorry I shout, and scream at you,
You drive me mad, you know you do,
You push my buttons, drive me crazy,
But at the end of the day, you are still, my baby,

I love you more, than words can say,
I would never wish, to push you away,
Please just cut mum, a bit of slack,
While I figure it out, and get the knack,

Get to understand, your hearing loss,
Whilst dealing with, the daily dross,
Of being mum, to you and your brother,
I don’t intend, to have another,

It’s just us, the four we make,
Let’s just enjoy that, sit down, eat cake!
I love you Cordy, don’t ever forget,
You have melted my heart, since the day we first met!

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9 thoughts on “Toddler struggles -a Powerporter poem

  1. What a beautiful poem for such a lovely character. first time on your blog today but in this poem I think you’ve summed her up wonderfully. Lots of hugs I think! #bloggerclubuk

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