Journey to hearing – a bit of a realisation

I decided this weekend after everyone being poorly in the house and a PJ day today to not do a Powerporter weekend roundup. Instead I have decided to finally update everyone on Cordelia’s hearing!

I have been on full time mum duty this weekend with the hubby in work, which meant Saturday morning ballet was down to me and the boy. I was debating whether to even take the girl but I am glad I did because she was so excited going and as we walked in a little girl shouted “Cordy”! With having Davie it has been a while since I have taken her to ballet and it came as quite a shock how much her hearing is affecting her.

It was quite sad to watch if I am honest. At one point all the teeny ballerinas in their fluffy pink tutus were laid on the floor as part of the dance they were doing and the teacher told them all to shuffle out in the circle, so out they all shuffled and Cordy was just left there in the middle of the floor. She obviously hadn’t heard. My heart fell. Then she took up position next to the teacher as she likes to do but she wasn’t doing what she was saying, the other parents must have been thinking she is naughty not listening.

Her concentration went a couple of times in the class until the teacher lined everyone up and spoke directly towards them. She did the best she had done the whole lesson with her looking directly at the teacher. I felt awful. I made a point of going and speaking to the teacher after the lesson and explaining where we are up to and she told me not to worry and especially not to concern myself with what other people think. Easier said than done.

Today we just chilled at home, so we were playing with toys in the house. Cordelia has a Peppa Pig soft toy that talks when you squeeze her tummy so I was playing the noises and chatting away to her. She picked up Peppa and pressed her right up against her ear. I was so shocked. I know her hearing is not great but I never thought it was so bad she couldn’t hear the noise of her toys .
It made me think I really need to understand her level of hearing. The Dr says that her hearing test readings go as high as 60 decibels hearing loss. But in reality I don’t actually know how loud that is! So I had a little read up this afternoon. The chart below shows you examples of noises and what decibel level they are. An average office is 40 decibels!! So if I took my little girl into work with me based on her hearing test she wouldn’t hear the noise around her. Seeing that at her worst she cannot hear ordinary conversation 3 feet away makes absolute sense now though.

Since I last wrote we have received an appointment for Cordelia’s grommets operation. Let the fume ensue! So the audiologist said if the operation was going to be within 6 weeks there would be no need for a hearing aid. We went to see the consultant the next day and he said the waiting list was 4-6 weeks. We wait three weeks to hear the operation is 16 weeks and 6 days wait. Which is only a provisional date.

Ok I know it’s the NHS, that is normal, what is my issue right? Well if the Dr had said it was over 6 weeks wait I could have ordered a hearing aid for my girl that same day and wait the 2-3 week wait there is for an aid. Instead we were left waiting the time it took for an operation date and then the 2-3 week wait for the aid. I have ordered it now though so hopefully it will be with us soon.

I hate to think that she is living in this little world of not being able to hear. And we have no idea how long she has been like this. My mother-in-law and I were looking at old videos of her and there was one from January time and you can see she doesn’t respond to what her Nanna has said to her. So you start to read into that then, is it her not hearing or is it just her being a toddler.


She goes off and plays so quietly sometimes. Just on her own, on the floor with her toys. She never did that when she was smaller, is that because she is in this little Cordelia world where she can’t hear everything around her or has she just got better at being on her own. Who knows? I have a tendency to overthink at the best of times.

Roll on the arrival of this hearing aid!

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17 thoughts on “Journey to hearing – a bit of a realisation

  1. Keep with it darling,I know it is easy for us to say and must be hard for you but all you can do is hope and pray for a good outcome.Once again may I say thank you for these blogs it keeps an old lady here up to date with your life even though I am not able to see and hold you and the little ones.Keep doing what you are doing,you and Gary are marvelous parents and family,I am so proud and glad to have you.Grandma.

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  2. The photo of you daughter with her little brother captures such a lovely genuine smile. I love that type of photo when they aren’t so aware you are even taking a photograph. Good luck with the hearing aid, I hope it arrives very speedily, and I loved your Grandmas comment above – really lovely x #whatimwriting

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  3. Oh bless her, what a tough situation… My heart really goes out to you, especially the way you described how she behaved in the ballet lesson, and going off to play by herself-I really can’t imagine how you must’ve felt. She looks a vibrant and happy girl in the photos, I hope that the hearing aid and the operation will be of great benefit to her! Like you say, it is difficult when they are so little-we often say ‘oh, selective hearing,’ when our little ones ignore us, so it must be really hard for you to differentiate between that and a problem. Sending lots of love!

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    1. I still find it hard to differentiate and you don’t know how much of her behaviour is because of her hearing. We have had a particularly tricky day today! Thank you for popping by xx


  4. Oh this must be so frustrating to see how much this is impacting your little girl. One of my daughters has a friend who has had hearing problems and grommets fitted, which then fell out and she’s on the list again. The NHS can be slow but I’m glad to have it even in its current state. I hope the hearing aids arrive for her soon. xx #whatimriting

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    1. Thank you! Fingers crossed we will get her sorted soon. I can’t complain about the NHS really they have been fantastic at times we have really needed them. I agree we need to keep them! Thank you for stopping by xx


  5. That’s a lot to deal with and I can understand that whole ‘is she acting that way because she can’t hear or is it just being a child or just having those characteristics anyway’ thing. Sounds like you’re on top of it all though and that she’s doing really well. Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting xx


  6. It’s frustrating having to wait to get something done and knowing there’s nothing you can do about it. As a mum you want to make things better, but that’s not always possible on your own. Take heart though. The grommets operations are very successful. Both my girls had them – one because she was always getting ear infections, the other because she had glue ear and couldn’t hear very well. I was surprised by how much my younger daughter understood by learning to lip read. It’s amazing what they get used to and they are very resilient little things.

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  7. How frustrating the NHS is, glad you’ve got one on order now. kids are very resilliant, I am sure she is fine with herself. #bloggerclubuk

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