A Powerporter poem – a busy family tale

I’m rushing here, I’m rushing there,
I constantly rush everywhere,
Never early, always late,
I wish I could forget the date,

Forget what day it is today,
Close the door and shut us away,
Have a day at home, a week, a year,
Enjoy our time, and hold them near,

Not have to rush our little ones,
Our cherubs, babies, daughters, sons,
Soak up our family just us four,
Remember how it was before,

Before we all got really busy,
Before our routines made us dizzy,
A holiday is what we need,
Some time to eat and drink, or read,

Read a favourite book or two,
Relax together me and you,
Let’s just slow down, enjoy each other,
Me mum, your dad, you sister and brother,

No school, no work, no playing dates
No shops, no restaurants, no long waits,
We just want, to be at home,
together forever, and never alone,

Please visit, if you wish to see us,
pull up a chair, relax, bring beers,

The dishes, they can wait a while,
The washing’s in a great big pile,
But the kids, they’ll have a cheery smile,

No stress, or drama, no getting ready,
Mum and dad can take it steady,
Stay in our pjs, lounge about,
We never want to go back out,

Love our family, stay together,
We will be this way, forever and ever!


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36 thoughts on “A Powerporter poem – a busy family tale

  1. This is lovely. I love the sentiment in fact I think we’ll have a pj day today. It really is important to shut the world out #whatimwriting

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  2. Love this. All I’ve done all day is rush – well, pretty much that’s what I do every day. Trying to max out every single hour, it’s exhausting – it’s good to remind ourselves that a rushy life isn’t always a pleasurable one and sometimes you have to force yourself to stop, take a breath, and enjoy your family. Really sweet poem for #stayclassymama

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  3. Sounds perfect to me! Now is definitely the time to have a PJ day and curl up with loved ones. I love the ‘see us/beers’ rhyme – made me giggle! Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting xx

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    1. I know my hubby is in work all weekend after a week of work it feels like we never all chill together, this week being a particularly tricky one!! I say there should be a national PJ day at least once a month hahahaha! Thanks for stopping by xx


  4. Aww this is very cool, I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I wonder if we are rushing away their childhood and I don’t spend enough time soaking it all up. Afterall they are little for such a short time. Thank you got joining us at #Bloggerclubuk hope to see you again this week X

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  5. Oh there used to be plenty of days I wanted to stop the merry-go-round of life! If only! Except I gradually learn to choose what I want from life, not what others want, and to savour each day as much as possible, but then let it go, for the future can be a good place too. xx #WhatImWriting

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  6. Aw this is so lovely! I just want to be at home with my family too. I just returned to work after 6 months of maternity leave and I am missing my family so, so, so much. I didn’t realise how hard it would be. Beautiful poem, really well written. Thanks for making me smile and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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  7. My husband can’t wait to be an empty nester…me…not so much in a hurry. Our oldest will leave for boot camp on Aug 16 and our youngest is 4. Time has passed so fast that I swear I’m still on June even though it’s clearly the middle of July almost. Great poem. Thanks for linking it with #momsterslink.

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