Powerporter weekend roundup #6 -Families! 

I’m ending my weekend feeling a bit bereft and tired enjoying Glastonbury and the football, as we still have our two TV euros setup in the living room! We have had a lovely weekend surrounded by only family but for some reason it’s always one of my (maternal) parents who ends up leaving me feeling down!

Normally when Glastonbury is on, because my hubby’s step dad religiously attends, we go off to a static caravan with his mum. After our car requiring much more work than we anticipated and our kitchen refit taking an extra three days we couldn’t afford a trip away so we said we would just spend time with Nanny at home. We enjoyed a day at Park Hall Farm in Oswestry in the week which was a bit wet in the end but a lovely family day nonetheless.

In her brand new Doodles at a wet farm! Epic fail! 
On Saturday we had originally planned to do something in the day but after a fantastic time watching England my step dad was keen to come and watch the Wales match. My hubby got very over excited and went and purchased the most amount of meat I’ve ever seen! So we decided to have a grill BBQ and just a few family around.

Saturday started as most Saturday’s do in the Porter household with a chilled breakfast and ballet for the girl. I have on the odd occasion taken Cordy to ballet but it seems to be a ritual with her and her daddy. I love seeing them in the car together chatting. This week she looked particularly cute in her ballet dress but after getting her feet sized in the week we realised her ballet shoes are way too small for dancing in! So she picked her favourite pink party shoes bless her! Bad mummy!

My beautiful ballerina! 

After ballet it was time for mum’s cleaning session while dad was on baby duty. I said I wouldn’t do it with Davie but I have ended up being too scared to hoover! I did the same with Cordy because I didn’t want to wake her up and she ended up hating the damn thing. It may just be my excuse not to hoover haha! Although all down stairs is laminate so I sweep at least once a day! In case you think I’m just a dirtbag!!

My step dad’s wife is busy having to sort things out for her elderly mum at the moment so him and my sister arrived at 4 o clock after a day of dance rehearsals. The bakery near his shop always closes of a Saturday afternoon so he buys all the last cakes and sandwiches what a winner!! Cordelia absolutely loves her Aunty coming to play so they went off for most of the evening playing in and outside.

At half time of the Wales v Northern Ireland game there was a mini football tournament in the garden with my sister, Cordy, my step dad, my husband and his brother. I am so gutted I didn’t get a picture of them all it was fantastic seeing them in the garden but I was on chief meat duty (no rude comments please haha)!

Peroxide Porter returned this week! 
We enjoyed an evening of food, football, music and laughs and everyone enjoyed themselves. Cordy fell asleep on the sofa as did my sister and my step dad and husband ended up sat chatting with a beer until 2.30am! I didn’t last that long, after enjoying Adele I was off to bed!

I was uber tired this morning, my little handsome one had a night of going from one boob to the other, my son FYI not my husband. I was exhausted. Thank god for sausage baps to sort me right out!

We had planned to get Gary’s mum at 1 and head over to see his step dad’s mum or Great Nanna Jean as she is better known. We don’t get to see GNJ very often in fact she hadn’t had the honour of meeting Davie yet so we made sure we went and got a nice photo printed of the children and headed over.

It’s always lovely to see Jean. She doesn’t live that far away but we don’t get over as much as we should. Cordelia bobbed about, enjoying lots of attention from the Nannys and Davie had a little cuddle. He shocked us all when we laid him on the floor for a kick about and he turned himself all the way round, he was like the arms of a clock moving all the way round to 360 degrees.

Talking of the boy he has been quite unsettled this weekend. I’m not sure if it’s the dreaded teeth but he just isn’t himself. He wouldn’t settle napping in his cot all evening last night or tonight. He ended up asleep next to me while I ate my dinner tonight. Not like him at all.

After a nice cuppa we headed home for a chicken roast and a pudding of sticky toffee cake and custard MM MM! What Sunday’s are made for!

Nanny enjoying her Grandbabies waiting for dinner! 

As the hubby was cooking dinner my dad messaged me to say he needed to cancel our plans we had next weekend. Mr P is on his weekend in work and I’d planned since we had the rota to see my dad next weekend. I was so gutted. But mother in law to the rescue has said we can do something fun with the children!! So we can look forward to that!

I bet there are lots of people who had a busy weekend at #BML16, what have you all got up to?

Pink Pear Bear

2 thoughts on “Powerporter weekend roundup #6 -Families! 

  1. What a cute ballerina! You had a very busy weekend and lovely to read that it’s filled with family, laughs and of course, food! Weekends are my usual “cheat” days so I do like my weekends. I usually hibernate during the weekends as it’s winter here and too cold to do anything, my excuse anyway. #bigpinklink

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