Powerporter weekend roundup #5 – Scent, Spotify & Sleep 

Another weekend another Powerporter roundup!! It’s been such a busy weekend I feel like it’s flown by. And I still feel like there is so much to do.

My blog has been running for two months now and I really feel like I want to crank it up so I’ve been trying to get involved as much as I possibly can. I am loving all the linkys but gosh you really have to dedicate your time to it don’t you? #tribalchat has so far been my favourite part about joining the blogging community what a hoot it was on Tuesday! Any advice people have feel free to throw it my way.

So back to my weekend. We have had a BBQ planned for a little while at our friends house but the weather in our hood has been horrific this week so I was a bit concerned. On Thursday I went to get my little girl from School the water was above the bumps in the road it was so high, it even made national news that Cheshire Oaks was flooded which is a stones throw from our house. But in spectacular form the sun came out!

I woke up Saturday morning to my breakfast already waiting on my bedside drawers, as most days to be honest!! What a lazy mare I am, or a wonderful hubby I have? Talking of my hubby he took the eldest off for her ballet lesson while I fed the baby and then nipped to Asda for supplies. How is it you buy five packs of wet wipes and they all seem to dissapear? I am sure we don’t use them as fast as they seem to go. One of life’s many mysteries haha!!

By the time my pair were back the boy and I were just in from town so the military Porter get ready began as it usually does! Two hours later and we were ready so off to the BBQ. We had a wonderful time as we always do at our friends house, even if we did get told off for being inside watching the football! Cordelia was running free with her best friend and it was just so chilled out. Before we knew it it was gone six o clock and the baby was getting quite unsettled so with the magic of chocolate buttons we managed to prise Cordy away from the party.

We got home and got the small people down and then chilled together on the sofa. I had a bit of laptop time on my blog while we listened to tunes, one of our favourite ways to spend a Saturday night rocking to Spotify!

The hubby had been drinking at the BBQ so I had a night of making sure the boy went back into his bed after the night feeds which can be a bit trickier than feeding him in our bed where I can sleep while he feeds. We have co-slept with both our babies but we always ensure if either of us have alcohol (not ever likely me) we do not let the babies into bed or the hubby sleeps on the spare bed/sofa bed.

There was a little bit of an earlier wake up this morning than I was expecting at 8am but I promised myself I would wait on my hubby hand and foot today as you already heard he always looks after us. So I fed the boy and then Cordy and I went and got daddy a drink and his cards and presents. He opened his photo of the children I’d had done by a local photographer and also my bargain aftershave find!!

I absolutely love the smell of Jean Paul Gaultier and Mr P was running out so I nipped into Cheshire Oaks to buy some from Boots. God knows how I’d forgotten that half of the shops were still shut from the floods so I ended up going down to Debenhams. I don’t usually buy aftershaves from there as it can be expensive but I thought why not? I asked the lady behind the counter for a small bottle and she grabbed a gift set box as well and took it to the counter and scanned it through. She said she had thought they had been reduced to half price and low and behold they were! The gift set included a large bottle of aftershave, shower gel and after shave balm! All for less than a small bottle of aftershave, what a Brucey bonus! Then she told me if I registered for a beauty card I would get an extra 10% off! Not going to the shop I had originally planned ended up being a blessing in disguise, although I did end up buying Cordy some gold sparkly shoes she really didn’t need while I was there.

Thankfully it went down a storm too! As did his breakfast of toast, scrambled eggs and beans. I made him sit on the sofa while I did all the morning chores, cleaning the kitchen, pegging washing out etc. All the things he would normally help with. Then we got ready which actually didn’t take too long today!

We all dived in the car, I had to do a quick bringing the washing in after checking the weather forecast, and headed over to see my step dad. He is an absolute workaholic so getting an hour with him is a treat! We met him in his local pub a 20 minute drive away and gave him his personalised mug and real ales! Although I can’t believe Photobox have printed the photo on and not added the personalised message. I need to get onto them about that tomorrow, add it to the list of jobs.

After a quick drink we headed back to the house for me to collect the nappies and wet wipes I’d not picked up earlier, doh. Then we headed off to the pub to meet Gary’s step dad, his mum and their friend who was visiting from Ireland. Gary and I have both got parents who remarried so when it comes to Father’s Day we have lots of our children’s Grandads to see!! Although his dad and mine were both unavailable so there will be dinner out on Tuesday with Gary’s and the children and I are going to my dads in a couple of weeks.

We met at a local pub, a bit of a favourite with Gary’s step dad and enjoyed a delicious meal. It doesn’t have the best reputation in the area as it was always where the young lads used to go before a night out on a Friday or Saturday night but for a meal in the afternoon it’s great. And they are a sizzler chain pub so they do the best chicken and steak combo!! My favourite. Cordelia loves being with her Nanny and Grandad as she always gets spoilt even their friend got in on the spoiling action today!

So after a lovely dinner and under Cordy’s orders we all came home and got our pjs on! Isn’t it just the best feeling getting into your pjs and all getting on the sofa. The football is now on and I’m waiting for Love Island now with a sleeping girl and boy fighting his sleep! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and enjoyed their Father’s Day.


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