Powerporter weekend roundup #3 – Cuddles, kitchen, clutter and Cornelia! 

Wow what a week it is has been over here in sunny Cheshire! I am not sure I would have believed you last week if you had told me what was in store for me. Ok so I know it is a weekend roundup but I have to tell you about my week!

So the first and most wonderful surprise had to come in the shape of my best friend giving birth to her beautiful boy! There we were last Sunday night sat happily thinking that this little rascal was going to be sticking around with his mumma for a while longer and low and behold by the time I awoke he had arrived! With 56 miles between us I don’t get to see my bestie quite as much as I would like to so I was so chuffed to have an excuse to drive over. Cordy has been in holiday club this week which means rather than her normal 9-3 she is in from 8-6 so I popped my little handsome one in the car and drove on over for a lush cuddle with my tiny buddy!

IMG_4179Having some delicious cuddles!

Within about four hours of the news we had a new tiny miracle I also woke to a different kind of news. Two missed calls after what was a delicious bank holiday lie in returned and I found out that sadly my uncle had passed away at the weekend. I was so overwhelmed with the news as i’d only heard from him less than a fortnight earlier and I had no idea he had been poorly. Needless to say my bank holiday Monday began with tears, first happy and then very sad.

Amidst all of these goings on we were absolutely in the thick of a kitchen refurb that seemed to go on and on and is now thankfully complete, three days longer than we planned due to a few hitches with our kitchen design but I am loving the new addition to our home. I am sure I will write more about that another day. Add to that a bump in my car and it’s just been a crazy old week!

Back to what we came for, the weekend. Yesterday has to be one of the first days in a few weeks that we have spent all day at home! Well we nipped out first thing to purchase our new bits and bobs from Dunelm while they were still in the sale. I am not sure I have ever been at a shop on a Saturday morning as it opens, so that was a first. Kettle, toaster, washing up bowl, pans, dinner set and new dust pan and brush purchased, a drive through  McDonalds breakfast and we settled in at home. Because of the afore mentioned addition to our home the house was still upside down so I had the task of cleaning and organising the kitchen while Gary and his dad (I say Gary loosely as he stood and watched on mainly) built our girl’s slide she had as a gift for her birthday from her Nanny and Grandad. She loved it so much that she even sat at the top of the steps to eat her favourite afternoon snack of Pom Bears!

We have never spent so much time in our kitchen as we have done since we added a breakfast bar into the mix and it has been a transformation in the way we live. Having everyone in the kitchen while you cook is so much nicer than being in a completely different room and it stops the obligatory toddler following you while you want them to eat their breakfast! After a lovely day spent mainly in the kitchen I had such a rock and roll evening of yes you heard it here first, glossing! I sometimes feel like I never get to enjoy my house and garden as every year we are doing something different to make it look better. Maybe one day when I am old and grey I will enjoy our home.

My gorgeous girl at her favourite kitchen spot!

Today has been by far the sunniest day of the year yet! And where did we spend most of our day? Inside! We had a third birthday party followed by a thirtieth birthday gathering. I don’t know about anyone else but I have to start getting our family ready at least two hours before we need to leave the house or there is just no chance of us being on time or late as we usually are! I hate it. I dread us all going somewhere and the stress that getting ready brings. I don’t know if we are an unorganised bunch, whether I am being dramatic or what it is but I just can’t imagine any other family flapping about it the way we do. I mean I’d even managed to get the baby off to sleep so he wasn’t the issue well until I started getting ready and he began his wake up. This is some of the problem I think is that I am always last to get ready and I end up not doing everything I want to. Pre-baby Emma would want to be able to wash my hair, dry it, straighten it or curl it, make up, iron and put on my clothes and shoes. Surely that is not too much to ask? But today’s getting ready routine did not allow (even with two hours appointed to it) for mum to wash her hair! Bring on the grump. Although it was so hot I was quite glad I’d ended up scraping it up!

So after the mammoth getting ready task we headed off to the first birthday party of the day and diabolically we got there on time! Bang on as well although when we walked in there was a whole load of people already there doh. Cordy went off and cracked on the partying the minute we got there as she always does. She is such a confident little thing. Long may it continue! She even got up and did some magic today. So after two hours of dancing, eating, playing party games and magic we embarked on the second birthday of the day.

The end result of two hours getting ready! Cheese! 

This time off to the pub to surprise Gary’s cousin who had travelled halfway across the country to celebrate his 30th! It was lovely to see all the family we literally stayed all day. It is funny when you live so far apart you send a Christmas card to say your thinking of them but when you get to see them, meet their growing family you do wish you could see more of theM. Even family you have even closer it’s still nice to spend time with them. After a few hours they headed back to their hotels and we had a surprise meet from our friends. One drink later and a particularly tired Cordelia (or Cornelia as the magician had referred to her all party long) later we packed the little people into the car and came home for crumpets and PJs for the girl and a delicious quick dinner of chilli and rice for us. I am back to glossing tonight but after what was a crazy week it’s been a chilled out weekend with the family. Delicious.



Pink Pear Bear

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  1. Oh, we’re the same when leaving the house. It is almost like a military exercise just to leave and I am always running around. You definitely had a full week! Congrats to your friend and sorry to hear about your Uncle. Thanks for linking with #bigpinklink

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