Powerporter weekend roundup #2

I can’t believe another Sunday night is here! I had debated whether my roundup should come tomorrow with our lovely extended weekend tomorrow but I’ve decided not to!

Well I am currently living in an absolute bomb site! I can be an untidy person at the best of times but my house is actually driving me up the wall. We are currently having a new kitchen fitted, a utility room refurb and new floor in the hall. As I write this my living room is full of half my new kitchen and boxes containing the contents of my old kitchen. I should be happy really that for the first night in a week I managed to actually cook something at home but we only have an oven at this present moment!

So new I still haven’t removed the sticker oops!

I never realised how much you use your kitchen tap until now! Breastfeeding is thirsty work and the minute my husband is not here, holding a clingy boy, dealing with a tired toddler and trying to get a drink of water is not a simple task. Tonight’s attempt at making a particularly lazy dinner of IKEA meatballs and oven chips was like a mammoth task especially when I attempted to find the tin opener holding my 3 month old and rummaging through boxes I hadn’t packed myself. Needless to say there wasn’t a bean in sight when we sat down in the living room to eat!

I have my fingers crossed for worktops and a sink tomorrow or I may lose the will to live!

Anyway back to our weekend, yesterday we managed to organise ourselves so that the stress of the kitchen didn’t impact too much on the day. Normal order resumed with Cordelia’s Saturday morning ballet lesson. She absolutely loves dancing and the Baby Ballet class she attends is fantastic for her. She loves her teacher and is growing into a bit of a ballerina. It was certificate week this week! I didn’t get the chance to take her this week but her daddy got some pictures for me to see. It’s interesting how many dads do the ballet run on a Saturday morning, these modern men are just wonderful aren’t they!

Certificate day! 

We had a lunch date at our friends planned post ballet so after recent feedback of how slow I get ready (the cheek) I thought I will start as soon as he leaves! I’m not sure my husband really gets how clingy our boy can be at times, the minute I stepped in the shower he was whining for me from his bouncy chair strategically placed in the bathroom. By the time my favourite pair walked in I was still mid hair drying. These are the times I really hate breastfeeding! I’d had to feed him on both sides just to get him to settle long enough for me to even put him down to dry my hair.

We went round to our friends house late as usual. Now I say our friends they actually began as our little girls friend. Their daughter and our daughter went to nursery together from when Cordy was 10 months old and they have been inseparable ever since! The only problem with growing up together? They love each other like sisters, how is that a problem I hear you ask? They also fight like sisters. And Saturday was to be a day where they fought all day. They were both tired though so after a few hours sat in the glorious sunshine and some leftover Pizza Hut lunch we headed back home for a quick freshen up before our next meet. Needless to say our big girl fell asleep in the car, as we have done her entire life rather than wake her and getting her out we took it in turns to sit in the car while she slept on the drive! I’m sure our neighbours think we are mad but she needed it.

Tired besties! 

The last trip of the day was meeting Gary’s mum and step dad at the local pub for dinner. We had a lovely meal and the children both managed to behave before we headed home for bed for them and Kardashians for mum!

Today started my absolute favourite way! McDonalds breakfast. Whoever said the way to a mans heart is through his stomach had never met me! Another round of crazy getting ready against a back drop of the poor handy man fitting the kitchen downstairs and we actually made it out of the door on time for the first time, ever!

We headed off to a christening not too far away and managed to get there a bit early, so much so I had a little moment of panic thinking I was in the wrong place. Thankfully we hadn’t got it wrong. Places were taken (at the back to ensure an exit strategy was planned) the service started and an there was an almighty explosion!! From my son. What we in the business like to call a poonami! My husband snuck him out and changed him so I didn’t miss the service. The last christening we went to I spent outside calming a newborn Cordelia down and missed the entire thing.

Our first and only ever attempt at a photo of the four of us! 

Thankfully for my ever so noisy three year old the service wasn’t long and we were off to the celebration afterwards. Now the christening was for a pair of gorgeous twin boys who belong to someone very dear to me. My high school best friend. Unfortunately we have not kept in touch for a long time after school but since she had her boys we have been reunited and I’m so glad. Being with her family and her partners family was so easy today. My little girl could be herself and felt relaxed. When she feels like that around my friends I know all is fine! So after a quick trip to the ice cream van that appeared we headed home.

My gorgeous girl with her icecream! 

It was particularly bad planning on my part but I had treated my husband to tickets to the boxing as an early Father’s Day treat from the children. His favourite boxer was fighting at his most beloved second home, Goodison Park so the minute the tickets went on sale I had to have one for him! I’m hoping he is on his way home now as my boy and I are cuddled up in bed and my princess is fast asleep in hers. Even after my disaster dinner and missing the normal bedtime routine as well, go mum!

All round it’s been a busy but really lovely weekend surrounded by family and friends old and new oh and lots of sunshine what could be better!

What did you with yours?


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