The beautiful things in life

I find every moment of every day I think differently since I started my blog. I am constantly looking at things with a much more open perspective and wondering what my thoughts are on everything. What for? For new blog post ideas! If any of you follow me on Instagram (powerporter1878) you will see I love going to the zoo. We live in Cheshire and are so lucky to have things like Chester Zoo on our doorstep. I got a membership the first time I was on maternity leave and used it so much but probably not as much as this time I am off.

Take last week I went in the day with my little man, went and got my little girl from preschool and zoomed back to catch the last few rays and hours of zoo time. My toddler obviously thought this was amazing! I picked her up yesterday and she said she wanted to go so of course I obliged and added ice-cream to the deal for good measure!


We have work going on at the house at the moment, this afternoon it was getting a bit too dusty for my wee fella so I packed a quick baguette and headed to my favourite spot. As I walked around I admired the children running around free as birds in the summer sun, parents playing and laughing with their toddlers, babies in prams happily being pushed along including my sleepy head, older couples walking hand in hand, the volunteers loving working at the zoo and the tranquillity of the gardens.

I have fallen in love with my garden as I have got older I think it is one of those simple pleasures you take for granted when you’re younger. I particularly love the gardens at Chester Zoo. Watching things you have planted grow into a beautiful garden, enjoying the changes of the seasons. I would never have been interested in the seasons when I was younger, the beauty around you can sometimes pale away when you are a youngster.

It is like the quiet. I always loved noise around me, as a teenager I would usually be found with headphones blasting, the TV on or at least something making a noise. I was probably like that for a long time into my twenties but now I feel so at peace without any noise on. Don’t get me wrong I still love a bop in the car to my tunes and I enjoy watching garbage on TV but I really savour times when I can enjoy silence.

I actually think it has been since I had a second child and maybe even since we have realised about Cordelia’s hearing. Our house can be so loud at times. I find myself driving around now and leaving all noise off, I will sometimes drive through at Starbucks just so I can enjoy my latte in quiet. I sat today at the Zoo, you will be surprised to hear, and just enjoyed listening to the noise of the water feature where I was sat, taking in the scents and sights of the outstanding flowers blooming around me, it was perfect. Crazy what pleases us as parents!


For someone who has always enjoyed ‘things’, noise, attention I am finding I am changing. Maybe I am becoming more mature, maybe it has been writing this blog has given me a new view, it could be that it is starting to help me let go of things I have been holding onto and I can feel more at ease with myself now. Who knows. But what I do know is I am really enjoying the beautiful things in life.




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8 thoughts on “The beautiful things in life

  1. How great to have that on your doorstep. Sounds like you’re definitely getting your money’s worth! Nothing better than getting out and enjoying the nice weather. I find myself going for walks a lot more…mainly just so the little one sleeps!! #justanotherlinky

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  2. Emma you cannot understand how much I love these blogs.I have over the years spent a lot of time wondering how my children were and how are the grandchildren but not being able to drive I have had to rely on you all keeping in contact with me.I know you all have full lives and I vowed years ago not to interfere in your lives but to always be there in a crisis when I could.Now I am older I realise how much I have missed as you all grew up and this is why this computer and your blogs are keeping me going,you have no idea how good it is to turn on and catch up.Thank you,I feel part of your little familynow. Lots of love,keep on writing,Grandma.

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  3. A really good, thoughtful post. I remember my Mother saying “look how beautiful those flowers are!” to me as a teen and me rolling my eyes. Now I’m doing the same thing to my children! Perhaps as we grow up we learn to take things a bit more slowly. Has made me think anyway. Thanks for sharing with us on #fortheloveofBLOG x

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