Three months old – Loving the bangers!

I haven’t thought about doing a month by month update on my boy until this evening after reading Mrs Morgan plus 3. In fact I feel a bit naughty that I always spend my blogging minutes talking about my tinker toddler! There I was saying I wouldn’t fall into second child syndrome, no such chance!IMG_3825.JPG

We tried swimming for the first time this month! Woop woop!

So my little handsome one now weighs in at a lovely 12lb and 2oz, for a preterm at his gestation he is sat on the 50th percentile but for a full term he is on the 9th percentile line. No wonder everyone I even brush past calls him bloody tiny! It gets a little bit old when you have seen a 5lb 6oz baby grow into a 12lb baby he looks massive to us!IMG_3956

My gorgeous little chunk with is robot!

I am still breastfeeding him day and night, we tried formula a couple of times but I think we are either half hearted trying or he is not keen on the brand we tried but right now it is easier for us to stick as we are. And to be completely 100% honest, as I usually am, I love my bangers!!! If I have to lose these bad boys for a lie in I am happy to lose a bit of sleep!! As a girl who has never been blessed in the breasty department when you get some for free it is definitely a bonus!

It hasn’t all been a walk in the park with feeding (you can read about it here #feedingseries) there are times I would stop in an instant, I just feel sometimes like I don’t get a break. Like he needs me constantly but those moments are short lived. He is settling much better at night now with a 7 hour sleep whilst we were away on our holiday but it is yet to happen again so 5 hours tends to be the norm.IMG_3860

Having a night time cuddle with my man!

Teeth seem to be the order of the day this month. I am convinced he has some coming at the bottom which I am surprised about given how long it took for our little girl to get her first. He is dribbling, constantly trying to munch on his fist, he looks to have white gums at the bottom and he is very much unsettled? I thought I would know these things second time but it doesn’t make it any easier! It has given me an excuse to try out a teething necklace though!!


Silicone breastfeeding necklace from Amazon

My favourite thing this month is the gargling, it is like he is chatting with us I love it. He is so interactive now. My friend bought him a robot that hangs on his car seat and he has started trying to touch it and pulling funny faces at it. This has pleased his sister no end that he can give something back to her now and he isn’t just asleep all the time. Oh no there I go again talking about the toddler! Oops.


They looked like they had their own little secret when I took this photo!


7 thoughts on “Three months old – Loving the bangers!

  1. Thank you for linking my blog 🙂 love your update on your little man. I get the opposite remarks “he’s so Chunky” etc xx


  2. I miss those little baby moments…my youngest and last just turned 4 in March and really isn’t even considered a toddler anymore. My husband brought that to my attention the other day and it made me sad. Enjoy your time with him…love the pics… #coolmumclub

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