Powerporter weekend roundup #1

Right so here is the first of what I hope to be many weekend round ups! A little chance for me to reflect on the weekend and maybe an opportunity for you to tell me about yours too!

The weekend tends to be my favourite part of the week because it’s the time we get to spend as a foursome! But this one was a bit different as we escaped the bomb site that is currently our house and the children and I headed to my dad’s house.

My babies together this morning, melts my heart

Disaster struck on the not so long journey  when we had to stop for a wee after about 40 minutes in the car. Oh yeah and I missed the turning for the M6 and was diverted through a mass of roadworks in some gorgeous part of Cheshire. Trying to navigate a toddler who looks like she just escaped from Azkhaban being released from her car seat and a baby unhappy to still be strapped into his, is not the most simple tasks trust me. There was someone in the baby changing so rather than wait I thought it was easier to struggle into a cubicle with the car seat, toddler and my huge changing bag so she could have a wee. All I kept thinking was I need a wee but I’ve no idea how to administer it! So a strawberry milkshake for the girl and no wee for mum later and we were heading happily back to the car until I accidentally knocked the toddler with said car seat containing her brother and she fell over. At this point I’d wished I had left her to wet her pants to be honest!

The toddler with her Elsa hair, always something Frozen bought with her pennies!

We landed at dads eventually and it was so nice to see him, a lovely dinner both children bathed and in bed, boom! The next day we ventured into Lichfield I’ve never been before and it’s picturesque buildings and towering cathedral over the City was delightful. We live near Chester and it had its similarities. Another toddler tantrum down, this time because she couldn’t have cake in the Costa we had ran into for (yet another) wee stop, so much for being discrete and using the loo without a purchase! We headed back home about 3 o clock and setup camp with chippy tea and the FA cup final! Sometimes the footy mad girl in me never leaves. Both children were bathed and in bed again so dad and I could enjoy a good old natter before an hour of blogging in bed!

A gorgeous building in Lichfield built in 1510!

This morning looked glorious outside so after a sausage sandwich and a 10am lie in we headed out. Where to? A park, a zoo, a nice river? No. Dunelm Mill! I did pick up some bargains including my bargain basement blind for a fiver! Needless to say my wee ones were not best pleased with my choice of outing so we were home by the afternoon to take in more football. Cordelia is far more settled in a home environment so she curled up with the iPad and watched Frozen with her Olaf blanket before a quick pasta shapes and sausage roll tea and a bath. She was bushed!

Bargain blind from Dunelm Mill

She seems so happy here at my dads it’s so lovely to see when they don’t see each other as regularly as some of her other grandparents. My baby boy has not been quite so settled! I’m convinced he is teething he is just so clingy. Being without my husband has been quite tricky where Davie is concerned because he just won’t go to other people. He will settle with me and Gary, mainly me feeding him though is his only method of settling hence its more of a challenge when I’m alone with both children. As we speak I am still holding him! Overall though it’s been a lovely weekend being with my dad, but I will be glad to get home tomorrow and have my right hand man back with me!

My cheeky chap tonight being held by mummy all evening!

I’d love to hear how you spent your weekend too?

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Diary of an imperfect mum

4 thoughts on “Powerporter weekend roundup #1

  1. Glad you enjoyed your weekend away. Enjoyed the saga of your wee stop – they need to introduce new cubicles just for people with small children and babies. Worst is when you see on your own with a buggy, bursting to go and the disabled loo requires a key. #bigpinklink


  2. What a lovely weekend! The wee stops I remember well. I’m pretty sure we used pull ups for journeys for far longer then needed for this very reason! Now they both have very good holding power, they out last me! #bigpinklink


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