Losing the nap

I don’t know about anyone else but I am not massively keen on my toddler dropping her afternoon nap! I used to absolutely love having that little hour to myself to have my lunch or just potter about while she was able to recharge her batteries but for a couple of months now she just will not nap.

What it is doing though is meaning she will go to bed earlier. Why is that a problem I hear you ask? Well one is that she now has a baby brother who doesn’t go to bed so early so it’s no more peace really and two she gets up earlier! Not only that she is mega crank pants. Her behaviour just seems to take a turn for the worst. 

At what point to these teeny people decide they don’t want to enjoy the joys of a nice afternoon nap? I’d love an afternoon nap every day! What makes them think oh I will power through today? It’s craziness, that’s what it is! 

I find I am having to get her bathed and into bed earlier and earlier some weeks. Depending on what we have been up to or how busy she has been at school she may need to be in bed as early as 5.30pm! On those occasions she will sleep until 7am so you know that she needed it. But not always. 

There has been only a handful of times she has actually fallen asleep. Interestingly I thought today was going to be one of those days in the car after a few hours in town with Grandad but no such luck. 

There was a recent occasion not long after my husband had gone back to work following his 4 week paternity leave I decided I needed to tire her out. So off we went for 10am toddler soft play followed by a picnic and a walk around the zoo. Said zoo trip ended in a huge tantrum and me carrying her to the car under one arm and pushing the pram with the other. But she fell asleep in the car, to the point I managed to carry her into the house and she continued to sleep on the sofa. In hindsight maybe I was overdoing the activity schedule slightly. 

So my wonderful but at times confusing toddler the moral of the story is have a bloody nap in the day! Then we can enjoy mum’s over flowing schedule of fun activities while she is on maternity leave and you can stop with your toddler tantrums. Please. 


2 thoughts on “Losing the nap

  1. Oh my word I am not sure I could take another whole hour of my daughter in the evening! Pre School has kind of caused it happening a bit quicker in our household sadly šŸ˜¦ x


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