Funny old weekend

Well the title says it all really this weekend has been a tale of two halves! After a lovely five day break to our favourite place Bluestone we came home to what we always knew was going to be a mammoth task! The birthday party. Cordelia our eldest child, who I am sure most of you know by now, turned three whilst we were on holiday. As promised though we booked her a party ready for when we got home.

So there I was 10pm on Friday night after landing from Tenby following a 4 hour drive in Asda buying food supplies for the party the next day. Ok some of this was my doing for deciding to be ‘supermum’ and not getting the venue to do the food! This then also caused mayhem the next day when I sent the hubby off to ballet with Cordy and decided to start every other job in the house while the baby slept. Epic fail.


I have not yet talked much about my baby boy but I am currently breastfeeding him. A task that I am finding quite tough at times. Especially on Saturday as I started to attempt sandwich making and he wanted to feed constantly for an hour. I felt like the top of my head was going to blow off I was so stressed. I think its the hardest thing about being a mum of two, you feel such pressure to please both of your children. I wanted to make my little girls day as special as could be but I didn’t want to leave my baby boy to be unhappy. I hate party food not being fresh so I wanted to leave making it until the last minute but I ended up stressing myself out.



Thankfully, as always, my knight in shining armour came home and rescued me and within 20 minutes the food was done and I was in the shower. The party went swimmingly with the help of friends and family and Cordelia had a fantastic time with everyone who came. She also loved the surprise face painter that I’d booked to come along! Once everyone was thanked, mess all tidied away and the car was packed up we went home and enjoyed a lovely evening with my step mum and little sister tucking into a curry and indulging in the delights of Eurovision. I don’t get to see them both very often but when I do its always wonderful. My step parents have played a big role in my life growing up and I wouldn’t be who I am without them!

After an enjoyable evening and a night of breastfeeding I managed a little lie in until 10am which I haven’t had for a long time. I was expecting to feel fresh as a daisy but I think broken sleep just ruins the rest of the day afterwards. I slobbed about in my nightie most of the morning with my sister and stepmum until Cordy’s godfather turned up and I realised it was a match day so him and the hubby were off to the football. I had wondered why the roast chicken had already been cooked and carved! I soon got dressed! Then off everyone went about their business and left me and my two cherubs to it!

Let the drama ensue! No not really. I attempted to get Cordy to sit and chill watching Frozen but it never really lasts for very long before she wants to be off doing something. This again is where I find it really tricky while I am breastfeeding especially now with Cordy’s hearing she doesn’t hear me say that I am trying to get the baby off so we can have some time together and in all honesty I don’t quite think she understands when she can hear me. It must be so frustrating for them both having to share me because neither of them really understand what it is I am trying to do. Needless to say I got myself in such a state. I have never really felt anxious until I had two children, maybe when I am close to a deadline at work or my inbox gets so full that I can’t answer everything at once but nothing quite compares to this overwhelming feeling of trying  to split yourself in two.

I was trying to cook dinner, keep a toddler amused, stop a baby from crying amidst a living room so full of presents it looked like a bomb had hit it. But as always the arrival home of a certain man made it all feel better! As a team we managed to get dinner sorted, bath the children and get them in bed so I can be sat here enjoying some child free time! Now how do I keep the threenager and baby entertained tomorrow…….?



4 thoughts on “Funny old weekend

  1. Your doing fine Emma just remember to take some time out for your self if at all possibly this bring back many memories xx take care and love to Gary


  2. Ah lovely, it can be so difficult when you have to split your time amongst all your children- I know the feeling well and breastfeeding can be tough as well, I remember feeling so guilty when my second little girl came along. Just remember you are doing a great job! And it sounds like everything was a complete success, especially the party. xx


    1. Thanks Katie! I think I can be a bit hard on myself sometimes. You just want to be perfect for them both though don’t you. It is getting a bit easier as my little boy needs me less and less now. Fingers crossed we are on the road to it being a bit simpler xx


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