Let me introduce myself

So I started this brand new blog and I sort of jumped the gun a little and began by writing something that is really real and raw in my life right now. And I am so glad I did, I saw another blogger say she used her blog as a therapy and I felt like that after publishing. I have had such a lovely response, at times overwhelming, from friends old and new. I can only thank everyone and hope you can join us on this journey we are about to embark on with our precious girl.

What I realised in the aftermath of it all is that some people who read the blog may not even know me, there is a little in the ‘about me’ section but not really a lot. So here we go.

My name is Emma-Louise, most people call me Emma or Em or Ema-Lou. Feel free to call me whatever! I answer to most things. I’m in my very late twenties and clinging on to my last months in them. Just over 5 years ago I got married after a particularly whirlwind romance, I hope to tell you about in more detail one day, 7 months after meeting my husband. We have two children, and two pussy cats they were our first taste of parenting before our first human baby arrived a week shy of 3 years ago.


Her name is Cordelia. She is wonderful. Ok so all parents say that about their children but Cordy, as she renamed herself, she is small and she is fierce. I am sure William Shakespeare wrote that quote about her! Interestingly enough he wrote about a Cordelia in King Leah, I digress. Cordy was born at 35 weeks and was a tiddly tot at just 4lb 13oz but from the moment she was placed on my chest she has been a fighter.

My second little cherub arrived only 11 weeks ago. He also arrived at 35 weeks, apparently something to do with me and my placenta becoming detached. This time though not such a mini at 5lb 6oz. He goes by the name of Davie, named after my Grandad. A wonderful man who I lost as a child but who has left a permanent mark on my heart.

On a normal day I am a Human Resources professional but I’m off at the moment on maternity leave. It’s already gone so fast and this week marks my halfway point! You may wonder how at 11 weeks we can be halfway but my husband and I like to share my maternity so I will go back to work and leave him to daddy day care. I didn’t take the normal route of A Levels and then University. I decided, well partly my circumstance decided, to work and learn at the same time. It was hard going but I’m so glad I’ve done it and I am even more glad I did it before having children. I take my hat off to people who manage part time uni, full time work and little ones!

I love spending time with my friends and my family. When I say family it’s not really your conventional setup! And it could be a novel let alone a blog to explain so let’s leave that for another day. Eating is probably up there as my favourite way to socialise! And food is definitely where all my money gets spent, eating out, far too many lattes on the go and takeaways are most certainly my downfall. Nothing beats getting all my girls together and hitting my favourite Cheshire spot the Chesterfields.


I am sure there is someone else I’ve missed to mention, hmm I know, my husband Gary. He is my rock, my everything. As I have mentioned my family is not a conventional one and I have never really felt like I belong anywhere, until I met him. He makes me feel like I am home. I don’t want to be too gushy but he has changed my life, for those that know me they will vouch that at times I was at rock bottom but now I have a house I call my own, a fantastic career and two beautiful children and without him none of that would be the case.

I am sure there will be more to find out about me as we go on this journey, and I can’t wait!



7 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself

  1. Fabulous article my wonderful cousin..u have matured into the most beautiful person, mother & wife and u should be massively proud of urself and ur family, I for 1, think ur amazing!! Xx


  2. My beautiful friend emma – lou 😊. The most amazing person that I have ever known. The only (best) friend that knows me in this life which has been full of its ups and downs, and the one that has been there for me through everything. You are just the best, and a credit to your two beautiful children 😊 love you lots like jelly tots 😙💗👭 xxxxx


  3. To my beautiful friend emma – lou 😀 I think you are amazing! You have been there for me all of my life and have experienced all my ups and downs and have always been there for me when I have needed somebody 😊 you are an inspiration and your beautiful children and are a credit to you 😇 love you lots always and forever 😘👭💓 xxxx


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